Ministering to Those Who Minister

What Are People Saying?

Notes from wounded soldiers who have come to Barnabas Zentrum
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 – Two are better than one . . . if one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.

“I would heartily recommend Barnabas Zentrum to any missionary team or individuals who find themselves “in over their head”.  There is hope in Christ and the staff at Barnabas Zentrum are skilled at helping missionaries to see that hope.”


 “We are so thankful for our time with you in Austria.  Thank you for everything.  One thing we really appreciated is your willingness to teach us through your life lessons.  Not many people are willing to do that.  We learned so much and our prayer is that we can apply it on a regular basis.”


“I appreciate the ministry that you and Carl have…..  It is a heartfelt vision to come along side the wounded warrior and hold him up.  It is gained through experience and empowered by God. You are the medics coming to aid in the heat of battle.  Attrition is high here. Those of us on the frontlines keep showing up on your doorstep.  I am sure many of us would not still be here if it wasn’t for you.”  


“I am so thankful for the ministry of Barnabas Zentrum. Confidentiality is so important and hard to find. I wish I had known about them earlier. Unfortunately, missionaries aren’t perfect people – and it seems that Satan works extra hard to pull someone down who is in ministry to discredit the fair name of our Lord. A ministry like Carl and JoLynn’s is so needed and important – ‘ministering to those who hurt’. Their presence and sincere care makes it possible for those serving on the front lines to continue when a crisis or just a recurring problem surfaces – allowing people to stay on the field rather than return back to the states.

I personally appreciate their journey, experience and shepherding spirit. It’s difficult to pour out your heart to someone who you feel even though they might have a lot of degrees and training in counseling – don’t truly have the years of life experiences and the gift of connecting with people that the Krause’s do. I found them safe and truly concerned. In my case, I felt I needed someone I could openly talk to and reflect on the crisis in my life.  I didn’t feel like I was just another ‘case’-like ‘whose next?’

They have demonstrated time and time again, that they care by going the extra mile. To me this is true biblical counseling – caring for people – it’s not just a job – and nothing greater could ever minister to those who are hurting the most than this.”


“Your ministry is so VITAL and LIFE-GIVING to wounded and dying soldiers in this spiritual battle.  Thanks for being a catalyst for God to use in bringing me “back to life”.


“Words cannot express our appreciation for all you have done for us.  Your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and loving interaction with us has truly breathed new life into our souls.  Because of these past two weeks with you, our marriage, family, ministry, and walk with God will forever be changed.  Beginning this journey we were both afraid to even hope that change was possible.  Now 12 days later, we are so encouraged and enjoying the promise of a new life together.”


After 16 years of ministry in remote Africa without sufficient breaks, I had gone beyond burnout to what I labeled “wipe out”.  My counselors advised that I attend the Barnabas program in Austria.  I went but with much anxiety.  Could anybody really help me out of my pit of anger, frustration, & personal hurts?  The group sessions showed me I wasn’t alone.  I met others in ministry who were suffering a similar fate.  Together, we began to heal as the Krauses gently helped us recognize the roots of our problems. Their teaching, personalized reading assignments, & individual counseling reveals God’s path to recovery from burnout.  Relief & joy flooded my heart.  The free time given to us was the first “play time” I’ve had in years. It showed me the importance of learning to relax & have fun if I plan to recover. Thanks to the Krauses &  Barnabas I am hopeful that I will recover quickly & be able to continue serving the Lord on the mission field for many years to come.  I highly recommend to all mission organizations that they not wait till their leaders are burned out to send them to Barnabas Zentrum in Austria. PREVENTION through proper leadership training in all missions organizations is what is needed to stop this epidemic of burn out in God’s laborers. I PRAISE THE LORD the Krauses have a heart for helping the healing of missionaries in need.